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Sedap Corner is an established Johor homegrown brand founded in 1987. Over the years, Sedap Corner has expanded its culinary prowess into a household name within the local community and travellers from afar who are seeking local food culture. We are committed to expand our dining experience to the region and beyond with our tantalising culinary delights and warm, friendly service.

Sedap Corner is well known for our traditional temptations of Malaysian ‘Kueh’ that are still prepared the same old-fashioned way; a handmade labour of love, infused with the finest ingredients and vigorous standards set by our founders. Founded on the principal of giving only the best, our traditional recipes have been handed down over the years and nothing has been compromised, from the imported flour to the freshest ingredients and even the cooking process.

We are proud to say that no preservatives or colouring are used in our kuih, everything is natural. We believe that the heritage of Malaysian ‘Kueh’ is worth preserving as it is the unique culmination of the various cultures and races of this country that gives it character.

As a proud Johorean brand, we hope to represent Johor with  our range of Johor delicacies such as Johor Laksa, Roti Jala, Mee Bandung and Nasi Briyani. Other favourites are our rendition of Nasi Goreng Kampung, Nasi Ayam Sambal, Penang Fried Kway Teow and Fried Mee Siam. These are just few to mention from our extensive Asian delights.


We have developed many new products to add onto our confectionery range such as Premium & Signature Cookies, Fresh Gourmet Kaya & Frozen Kueh. Our frozen food is also in the pipeline with popular Malaysian favourites such as Chicken Curry, Chicken Rendang, Beef Rendang, Signature Sedap Fried Chicken, Penang Otak Otak, Roti Jala, etc.



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